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Wolff Family - caring for the community

Chad and Courtney Wolff and their three children

Caring for a growing family and caring for the community are important roles for Chad and Courtney Wolff. The Wolff Family has contributed to the Faribault Foundation Hand Up Campaign.

"We are excited to support the Faribault Foundation and the Hand Up Campaign because we consider Faribault our home and we think the work that the Faribault Foundation is doing is going to benefit generations to come.  We believe the Faribault Foundation will be a very valuable resource for our community going forward and it provides our community members and former members a tool to contribute to their favorite causes."             
Chad and Courtney Wolff


You can contribute too. Everyone can be a philanthropist by joining large gifts and small gifts together, we can do great things for Faribault.

Contact the Faribault Foundation to learn more about it. 507-805-8800


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