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The Vision:  To serve current and future generations in the Faribault area through robust philanthropic support to enhance the quality of life in Faribault.
The Mission of the Faribault Foundation is to identify the areas of greatest interest and opportunity in Faribault. The Foundation seeks to gather and invest philanthropic gifts from individuals, families and businesses to support what is good for our community.
About the Foundation
The Faribault Foundation provides a way for everyone to be a philanthropist. 
The Foundation serves the city of Faribault and the immediate surrounding area.

The Faribault Foundation holds, invests, and manages resources for individual, family, business, and other organization donors.  We support to new ideas and organizations by providing fiscal agency to local groups.  This allows them to work on their projects with confidence that funds are being kept safe. 
Contact us about:
  • Making a donation
  • Donor advised funds
  • Leaving a legacy 
  • Community Projects
  • Grant Opportunities
  • Serving on the board
  • Foundation Events
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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Faribault Foundation is to promote and enhance the quality of life for the greater Faribault community by:
  • Attracting charitable gifts and promoting community philanthropy;
  • Serving as a responsible fiscal host for the funds collected;
  • Being a leader by building nonprofit capacity in the community;
  • Serving as a community catalyst and convener to help identify and solve local issues;
  • Being a community resource, offering services to donors, nonprofits and others.

Cultural Diversity

The Foundation seeks initiatives that will foster equal opportunity, open dialogue, mutual respect and cross-cultural collaboration in our community.


Youth & Families 

The Foundation seeks to support programs that help youth and families grow, learn and become better citizens by targeting needs in areas such as hunger, housing, poverty, education, recreation, art and culture, healthy lifestyles and civic engagement.  


Community Betterment

The Foundation seeks initiatives that look to the future by helping create better facilities, doing community capacity building and by supporting beautification and recreation projects.  

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