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Bruce & Bonnie Gustafson give back

The Faribault Foundation is pleased to welcome Dr. Bruce and Bonnie Gustafson to the Founders Society. The Founders Society members give a hand up donation to the Foundation, that helps stabilize the work of the Foundation, while building an endowment to improve the quality of life for Faribault people now and long into the future.

Their story-

"We came to Faribault as a couple of young adults excited to start our own business.  After 40 plus years here we have experienced the wonderful community of Faribault in so many ways. We have raised our family of three daughters  and have grown to love how Faribault has supported us as our business and family has grown.  We feel that the Faribault Foundation is a practical and thoughtful way to give back to a community that has richly and generously supported us for so many years."

To learn more about the Hand Up Campaign and the Founders Society contact the Faribault Foundation at 507-805-8800 for a no obligation, confidential conversation with Executive Director Laura Bock. Or Click here to reach out via email


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