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We've got a lot to be Thankful for!

Little did we know when we started the Foundation Message Board project that we would be honoring the memory of one of the most positive Faribault residents in recent times. Mr. Richard Carlander served on the founding board of the Faribault Foundation.

Over the years was a substantial contributor, wise counselor, and enthusiastic leader. He would have loved the hundreds of positive messages on the Foundation Message Board.

Dick, (he insisted on being called Dick) was still serving on the Foundation Board when his health began to fail. He is still listed as an emeritus member.

If you've seen the Message Board lately you know there are hundreds of messages tied to it. It will be in Central Park for a few more weeks. Walk by and peruse the colorful tags cheerfully flying in the breeze. People are THANKFUL for so many things in Faribault. It does the heart good to read the messages. You'll see gratitude for many local nonprofits, clubs and organizations. Many businesses are named. People post their gratitude for pets, and trails and pools and music and friends and family. They write of their homes and hobbies and happiness.

Dick is fondly remembered in some of his famous quotes. One I often heard when I visited to thank him for his support for some community endeavor is this:

"We've got a lot to be thankful for!"

We do! All of us!

The Faribault Foundation invites you to stop by Central Park, look over the many positive messages on the Message Board. Grab a tag and marker from the attached box and write your own message. What are YOU thankful for?

What are YOU proud of? What possibilities do YOU see in the future for Faribault? And it your life has been blessed with some good fortune, we invite you to consider a donation to the Faribault Foundation. A community foundation that is working to make Faribault an even more wonderful, even more positive, even more helpful community.


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