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This Board is not Bored!

When people care you can tell! The member of the Faribault Foundation Board of Directors are a dedicated and motivated group. When I say dedicated, I mean it! Several Board Members, Todd Markman, Pat Gustafson and Dick Kettering have been serving this organization for more than 20 years! Richard Carlander is in that group too, a founding member of the Faribault Foundation, now serving as Director Emeritus. They have been stewards of this organization because they care about this community and believe the Foundation can play an important role in the continuous effort needed to make our community a wonderful place to call home.

Pat Rice is no stranger to community service, as is now our Board Chair. Others like Donna Crowl and Deb Korman and Steve Kohl joined the board a few years back and have added great support and encouragement to this important work.

We are excited to announce six new new board members who are eager to make an impact. They have new ideas and energy too. Welcome Ann Meillier, Lisa Sammon, Christine Shaffer-Brown, Chad Koepke, Faysel Ali and Natalia, Mendoza-Orr.

The Faribault Foundation Board guides and directs the work of this organization. I am grateful for and inspired by their dedication. Click here to see the list of board members. If you have ideas for the Faribault Foundation, they would love to hear from you!


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