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Providing a Hand Up

The State Bank of Faribault is part of the Founders Society of the Faribault Foundation. The Founders Society is an elite groups of individuals and businesses that have provided a Hand Up to the Faribault Foundation.

Laura Bock (Center) received the "big check".

Shown here is John Carlander, President of the State Bank of Faribault, and Chad Koepke, Assistant Financial Advisor for The State Bank, alongside Laura Bock, Foundation Executive Director. Chad also serves on the Faribault Foundation Board.

The Founders Society was established to recognize extraordinary giving by Faribault’s most generous philanthropists whose commitments have influenced the direction of the Faribault Foundation to enhance the quality of life for all who live here.


Founder’s Society members have made thoughtful contributions that help sustain the Foundation in its pursuit to encourage and build financial resources that provide predictable and sustainable support for the on-going charitable needs of the Faribault region.

We invite you to consider whether your family name should be added to this list. Contact us for a confidential meeting about the Founders Society or ask about the many other opportunities to meet your philanthropic goals.

Our founding members will be recognized in perpetuity for their foresight and generous contributions.


Harry & LeNaya Brown Family

Steven & Laura Bock

Dan & Diane Burns

Carlander Family

Patricia Gustafson

Bruce & Bonnie Gustafson

Dr. Richard Huston

City of Faribault

Jeff Jandro

Kangas Family

John & Kris Kohl

Steve & Gail Kohl

Todd & Lori Jo Markman

Patricia Rice

Richie Family

Tareen Dermatology

The State Bank of Faribault

George Wickstrom Jr. & Karen L. Johnson

Grant & Lisa Wilson Family

Chad & Courtney Wolff Family


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