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Happy New Year - Let's get to work!

2021 is still bright and new! New babies melt our hearts.

That new car smell is intoxicating. New puppies delight us. New ideas excite us.

This whole year stretches out before us with possibility! Let's treat it like the precious new opportunity it is.

In 2021 the Faribault Foundation will be developing processes to make giving more compelling. Donor advised funds, special project funds, legacy gifts - all are in development.

This Foundation was founded on a dream, that people would support the effort to continuously improve our quality of life. We believe that people who have been fortunate WANT to give generously to projects and causes that will live on and make our community better for future generations. Let's get to work to make that dream a reality in this wonderful new year. Can you give? Can you help?

What wonderful gift can you leave for the new babies in our community?


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