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Happy Mother's Day!

They are our mothers, our aunts, wives, and grandmothers, our sisters, and daughters. They are our teachers, mentors, and bosses. They are the neighbor lady, our best friend’s mom, or our mom’s best friend. They are the shop owners, organization leaders, day care providers, caregivers, volunteer leaders and confidants. They might be women we have never met but admire from afar. They are the powerful and empowered women who have influenced our lives.

In 2021 the Faribault Foundation harnessed the power of women to launch the 100 Women Who Care Event. Quickly women stepped up to organize the event and invite 100 Women to donate and select a cause to support. Just two years later the group used the popular 100 Women Who Care event to launch a Women Who Care Endowment Fund.

Now 27 women have contributed $1000.00 each to the Women Who Care Endowment and they are on a fast track to make a difference! They have crafted a mission statement:

“The Faribault Foundation Women Who Care Endowment Fund seeks to empower, support and recognize women to improve the quality of life for women and girls in our community.”

With a goal of have $200,000.00 in the endowment soon they will be able to make impactful grants to organizations who support and empower women and girls.

The Charities Aide Foundation, an international organization for philanthropy, serving the US, Canada and the UK provided interesting information about women and philanthropy.

Their research shows that female philanthropists embrace working collaboratively. This is increasing the prominence of initiatives such as giving circles. “Women Moving Millions” has 340 individual members internationally – all of whom have given more than $1 million to female-orientated organizations.

They also found that women are more likely to involve their children in decisions about which charities to fund. This has hugely valuable effects including creating long-term support for organizations and a more altruistic next generation. It has the added benefit of strengthening family bonds as they share those issues dear to their hearts.

Clearly few of us can contribute a million dollars – but we have discovered through our local Women Who Care efforts that we have many local female philanthropists! 

I remember that old adage “Never underestimate the power of a woman!”  It has always been true and now is more than ever. The thing is women don’t need to BE empowered. They already have significant power. They need to own it, use it and with it – change the world!

Please consider a gift in honor of one or more of the powerful women who have made a difference in your life!

Women of Faribault! An advisory committee made up of donors to the fund will lead the process of developing the grant criteria and making plans for recognizing outstanding women in our community. If that sounds appealing to you, we welcome your participation. Give us a call. 


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