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Donation to Dogs for Vets

Believet Canine Services provided a demonstration of the training they give to service dogs on

Wednesday afternoon to a group from the Faribault Foundation. Believet was founded in 2014

by Sam Daly, a nationally recognized dog trainer. The nonprofit organization is committed to

improving the life and independence of veterans with the assistance of trained service dogs.

Sam was a civilian contractor with the US Marine Corp deployed to Afghanistan. There, he

witnessed the comfort and emotional support that dogs provided soldiers. Sam knew he had

the ability to train dogs for this important work and began Believet. Believet provides non-

chemical, non-addictive transformative solutions to veterans with PTSD or other injuries.

Justin Ivers is the Director of Operations and Lead Trainer. He demonstrated the training

provided to the dogs, which can take up to 2 years to train for the specific needs of a veteran.

Believet just graduated the 40th team of dog and veteran.

The Faribault Foundation donated $5000.00 to Believet from the proceeds of a recent event

called 100 Women Who Care. 100 phila

nthropic women each donated $100.00 and then voted

on the organization that would get half of the donations. Believet got the most votes after

being nominated by Caroll Springmeyer, Lori Jo Markman and Marion Bahl.

The Faribault Foundation is a community foundation, organized to enhance the quality of life in

Faribault by encouraging philanthropy to fund community projects. The Faribault Foundation

gives everyone an opportunity to be a community philanthropist.

The Faribault Foundation hasthe flexibility to channel monetary resources into multiple organizations to help address the most pressing community needs. The unique purpose of the Faribault Foundation is to support what is important today and long into the future. By building an endowed fund we are securing, and growing, our ability to play an important role for generations to come, no matter what the future may bring.

Photos above:

1. Justin Ivers and Julie Daly

2. Tribute wall showing the forty veterans and their dogs

3. Presenting $5000.00 check to Believet: Justin Ivers, Believet Director of Operations,

Caroll Springmeyer, donor, Kymn Anderson Executive Director of the Faribault Foundation,

Marion Bahl, donor, Karen Zeller donor and chairperson of the 100 Women Event, George

Wickstrom, Believet Board member, Todd Markman, Treasurer of the Faribault Foundation, Lori

Jo Markman, donor. Front and center Echo, service dog in training.

Front and center Echo, service dog in training.


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