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Dick Kettering - long time advocate

Dick is an advocate for many organizations and most of all for Faribault.

We’re fortunate that we have such a giving and caring community, and there’s lots of great things happening here,” Kettering said. “It doesn't just happen; people have got to get together and say, ‘Let’s make this happen’ … We’ve got a wonderful, diverse community here, and it’s a great place to live, and it’s because people are doing things.”

Dick has served on the Faribault Foundation board since its formation.

In this article he points out the service the Faribault Foundation provides as fiscal agent to groups getting more good ideas going in Faribault. If you are wondering how the Foundation could help your organization, contact us today.

Click below for the full article from the Faribault Daily News

Dick Kettering Daily News
Download PDF • 335KB


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