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CommUnity Pride Grants Awarded

The Faribault Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of the 2024 CommUnity Pride Grants.

Selection was made based on impact, need and alignment with the mission and values of the Faribault Foundation along with demonstrated need and complete application information.

Community Betterment

The Foundation seeks initiatives that look to the future by helping develop assets for the community by capacity building and by supporting beautification and recreation projects.

Youth & Families

The Foundation seeks to support programs that help youth and families grow, learn, and become better citizens by targeting needs in areas such as: hunger, housing, poverty, education, recreation, art and culture, healthy lifestyles, and civic engagement.

Cultural Diversity

The Foundation seeks initiatives that will foster equal opportunity, open dialogue, mutual respect, and cross-cultural collaboration in our community.

2024 Recipients are:

$1000.00 Faribault Soccer Club: supporting participation scholarships. The Faribault Soccer Club engages close to 300 youth ages 3-18. The all volunteer organization strives to keep fees low to serve all interested kids.

Photo: Sabah Omar - Soccer Club Board member, Laura Bock, Foundation Executive Director, Britta Peterson-Linde - Girls Varsity Coach, Brendan Cox - Boys Varsity Coach, Chad Wolff, Foundation Board Member, Jason Johannssen - Soccer Club President

$1000.00 Diversity Coalition: in support of the International Festival. The Diversity Coalition manages the annual International Festival, which honors all the cultures in Faribault through music, food and art. This annual event reaches over 400 people.

Photo: Pat Gustafson- Foundation Board Member, Laura Bock - Foundation Executive Director, Kristen Clark - Diversity Coalition Board Member, Chad Wolff - Foundation Board member

$1000.00 Ruth’s House: in support of a Multi-Sensory space for children residing at Ruth’s House. The grant will assist in purchasing children's kitchen set and furniture.

Photo: Laura Bock - Foundation Executive Director, Sue Stout, Ruth’s House Outreach Coordinator, Pat Gustafson, Foundation Board Member and Chad Wolff - Foundation Board Member.

$500.00 Paradise Center for the Arts: supporting a shared family art experience connected to the performance of Charlotte's web this fall.

Photo: Laura Bock - Foundation Executive Director, Julie Fakler- Paradise Executive Director, Will McIntyre- Performing Arts & Education Director, Todd Markman and Pat Gustafson - Foundation Board Members

$500.00 Faribault Youth Empowerment:

supporting social connections and cultural activities for low income and limited English youth

Photo: Pat Gustafson - Foundation Board Member, Lara Bock-Foundation Executive Director, Ibrahim Khalif - Youth Empowerment Center Executive Director, Todd Markman - Foundation Board Member.

$500.00 Waano Learning Center

supporting a program of leadership and academic achievement for primarily Somali youth.

Photo: Sayed Celi Ahmed - Waano program assistant, Laura Bock - Foundation Executive Director, Pat Gustafson- Foundation Board member, James Whelan- Waano Program DIrector, Chad Wolff - Foundation Board Member.

$500.00 Jefferson School Play Ground

supporting the new soccer pitch which is part of the renovation of the school play ground.

Photo: Nick Jurrens- Jefferson Elementary School Principal, Pat Gustafson-Foundation Board Member, Laura Bock- Foundation Executive Director, Chad Wolff- Foundation Board Member.

$500.00 Safety Camp

supporting a collaborative effort including Faribault Park and Rec., Faribault Police and Fire and Rice County Sheriff's Dept to teach a variety of safety measures to students.

Photo: Pat Gustafson-Foundation Board Member, Josh Bauer- Firefighter, Laura Bock-Foundation Executive Director, Jill Strodman-Park and Rec., Madelyn Bauer, Ellie Cohen and Katie Seidel, Safety Camp Workers, Behind is Chad Wolff- Foundation Board Member.

$500.00 Jummah Foundation

supporting transportation needs for youth to attend various sporting and cultural events

No Photo available

CommUnity Grants are funded by the 365 Fund. You are invited to consider a donation of one dollar a day ($365.00) annually to support the CommUnity Grant opportunity. Donations may be made to the Faribault Foundation in any amount to support CommUnity Pride Grants such as these or to build the Foundations ability to fund projects and programs that are beneficial to our community both now and in the future.


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