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You can join the Founders Society Now

Founder’s Society members have made thoughtful contributions that will help sustain the Foundation in its pursuit to encourage and build financial resources that provide predictable and sustainable support for the on-going charitable needs of the Faribault region.

We invite you to consider whether your family name should be added to this list. Contact us for a confidential meeting about the Founders Society or ask about the many other opportunities to meet your philanthropic goals.

Our founding members will be recognized in perpetuity for their foresight and generous contributions.

This is our one time ask for a donation for our own use – to stabilize the organization and get us growing. The immediate short-term goal is a campaign to raise $2.5 million.   Half of what is raised will provide funds to help pay our operating expenses.  This includes a full-time executive director, part-time development position, accounting services, as well as software needed for donor and fund management. The other half of the dollars raised will be permanently placed in a discretionary endowment fund to be used for community grant-making. Each donor to the Hand Up Campaign will have a named fund and be recognized as a member of the Founders Society.

The 5-year goal is to encourage the development of philanthropy greater than $10 million which will be made up of many endowed component funds that include named donor-advised, organization, discretionary, or field-of-interest funds.  The component funds will provide predictable income for local nonprofit organizations, and community needs. 

To date, we have raised $1.5 million in the quiet phase of our campaign.  The opportunity for donors to join the Founders Society remains open for a few more months.  Set up a confidential meeting with a board member or Executive Director, Laura Bock, to learn more. Call 507-805-8800


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