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.....we need to give!

Pat Rice became a member of the Founders Society with her recent contribution to the Faribault Foundation Hand Up Campaign. Pat served on the Foundation board for many years. People know her as a tireless volunteer and superb Faribault supporter.

Pat shared a profound thought as she discussed why she has decided to give to the Foundation as well as to many other local organizations.

"We give to needs -

but we need to give!"

Pat cares about Faribault, and says that Faribault has been good to her, so it only makes sense that she would contribute now and in the future.

Many thanks Pat!

The Hand Up Campaign is seeking support from people who love Faribault to inspire philanthropy focused on improving quality of life in Faribault now and long into the future. We are poised and ready to help build the future we all dream of for the community we love.


Donors to the hand up campaign give and pledge over five years. Half of the donation is endowed to the Founder’s Society – to be available to fund the greatest needs in Faribault in perpetuity. The other half is the hand up. The Faribault Foundation will use that “hand up” to fund operations, covering for staff, accounting services along with the software and supplies needed for the operation in the short term until we are fully sustainable.

To learn more contact Laura: 507-805-8800 or


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