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Meet Laura Bock - Executive Director

The Faribault Foundation is delighted to announce the hiring of our first ever full-time Executive Director, Laura Bock of Faribault. Laura is well suited to leading the organization forward in their new vision. Her experience working alongside local estate planning attorneys and financial advisors gives her the ability to manage the donor centric organization. Her leadership experience and community involvement make her the ideal person to meet the changing needs of the Faribault Foundation. Laura will begin her duties in October. In 2022 the board acknowledged the need for transformation. After researching options, they decided to develop a true community foundation model. Using the expertise of a consultant, the organization made significant changes in 2023. Policies and procedures have been vetted and approved for operating as a dynamic resource for community philanthropy. The organization is poised for growth, with Laura’s leadership, the board’s commitment and the products in place to assure future success. This is a new generation of the Faribault Foundation. We are focused on the donors’ need and desire to give. We look forward to having Laura connect with our donors, prospects, community leaders and philanthropists in the Faribault area.

Our mission is to transform our community through the generosity of donors. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for all who live in or visit the Faribault area. The Faribault Foundation Board of Directors

Chad Koepke - President


Christine Shaffer-Brown – Vice President


Todd Markman - Treasurer


Dr. Mike Richie - Secretary


Patricia Gustafson


Natalia Mendoza-Orr


Chad Wolff


Jeff Jandro


Laura Bock

Executive Director


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