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Mary & Mike Richie are in the Founders Society.

Mary & Mike Richie were among the first members of the Founders Society. Their early gift to the Hand Up Campaign allowed the Foundation to gain the infrastructure needed to put policy, technology, and staff in place to become a fully functional community Foundation. Now the Faribault Foundation is ready and able to be the trusted resource for philanthropy in Faribault just as envisioned by our original founders nearly 25 years ago.

Philanthropy, giving back, is a concept we both feel strongly about…but we sometimes disagree on exactly how to do that. We want to make an impact, but we also want to make a lasting impact. Is it better to support a single cause or work to uplift the entire community?
We chose Faribault in which to live, to work and to raise our family. We are grateful for all that this community has given us over the years and the Faribault Foundation is the best way we know of to give back…to a specific cause, the community as a whole, or wherever it is most needed, now and long after we are gone. May this be our legacy.
Mary and Mike Richie

You can join this impactful group and help make a difference in the community too.

Call 507-805-8800 and talk to Executive Director Laura Bock about the Hand Up Campaign or the many other resource available for donors to consider.


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