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George says - you can leave a legacy

George Wickstrom Jr.

Never one to rest on past accomplishments, 94 year old George Wickstrom Jr. has become part of the Founders Society by making a donation to the Hand Up Campaign. Donations made to the Hand Up campaign are split between supporting the operations of the Foundation and building a permanent endowment for Faribault's greatest needs. Each donor is recognized in perpetuity.

George believes in the Power of One. He speaks of the powerful effect one person can have, often without even knowing it. He has supported countless good causes in Faribault throughout the years.

George said, " I have been a supporter of the Faribault Foundation for many years. Your recent improvement in your organization and focus are impressive. As a result, I have chosen to increase my support substantially and I encourage others to do likewise."

We are grateful for George's participation in the work of the Faribault Foundation. If you would like to learn more about the Hand Up Campaign or one of the many ways you can meet your philanthropic goals through the foundation, please contact us for a no pressure confidential conversation. 507-805-8800


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